Tentang Eliz

bukan kacang yang lupakan kulit...

bukan kacang yang lupakan kulit...

The only daughter among 5 siblings..

Happily married with her Dato’ R… ❤

Wish to work in her hometown in Batu Pahat because she hates living in KL but she have to somehow..

Full of determination yet lazy..

Wants to reduce weight but enjoys eating..

Loves cooking and baking, she wishes to have her own well-equipped hi-tech kitchen just like this one… (Dato’ R, please take note ^_^ )

my dream kitchen

my future territory..hehe..

Beautiful, isn’t it?

She likes traveling, paper crafting..but rarely has time to do so..

Rather choose shopping and karaoke for stress therapy than sleeping and exercising..

Loves her big family, her loving huggable handsome hubby and her friends very much..Yeah, BIG HUG♥~~~

Daydream a lot..

Both serious and playful…

….and the list goes on…


3 comments on “Tentang Eliz

  1. as salam eliz, sya mencari org yg jual burasak dan lauknya skali di kawasan KL utk jamuan hariraya.
    kalu ade info contact sya thru 012-2385990.

  2. salam bugis bone…
    maaf la, sy xde info pasal tu..
    sy sendiri dapat mkn setahun 2 kali jer..sorry again 🙂

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